A community advisory board of anti-racist advocates who create and promote equity for all in Fayette County

Fayette RCCW has created an ongoing, productive and supportive dialogue for people to discuss issues of race. By cultivating, encouraging and supporting this ongoing dialogue, the community has more opportunities to be involved in solving the issues of racial disproportionality and disparate outcomes for families and children in Fayette County.

Resources and Articles
Child Welfare Information Gateway

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services


Realistic Job Preview videos from different states, including supplemental materials for training

Diversity in Science: Why it is Essential for Excellence

Scientific American 311(4) Sept 2014


From In-Depth Report State of the World's Science 2014, includes numerous references to research done in the workplace


Data-driven analysis guides the community in examining data at key decision points in the child welfare system to identify areas where the greatest disparities exist.

Race, Community & Child Welfare Data Profile, Fayette County

Communication and discussion forums about the work that RCCW Fayette has been doing is crucial for discussing these issues in the community.​

RCCW Fayette Presentations
RCCW Fayette Committee Reports

Several committees help focus the work of RCCW Fayette and assure a strong diversity of ideas and action.